The New Virginians

The New Virginians is a woman's social club of over 400 members in the greater Richmond area. Married or single, we've recently arrived in Richmond from as near as suburban DC and as far as Singapore. We've had careers in business, education, interior design, sales, medicine and government, to name just a few, and we've created homes and raised families all over the world. As New Virginians, we enrich each others' lives with our varied interests, talents and experience.

Club History

The New Virginians started in the early 1970s as a Welcome Wagon Club. In April 1974 the club voted to change their name and drop their
affiliation with Welcome Wagon. Several names for the club were considered and in May 1974 they voted to become the New Virginians.

Also in that year, a local journal described the club as an organization whose purpose is to help each member make new friends and to learn more about their new home city.

In early years, membership was limited to three years, but members wanted to stay longer and the time limitation was eventually dropped. Over the years, the membership has increased and members come from many parts of the city and surrounding areas.

Interest groups ebb and flow depending on current interest. Our interest groups reflect the many diverse tasks and talents of our membership.

Recent Programs

The New Virginians 2013-2014 luncheon programs began a new club year with September's program presented by Jeffrey Allison the Mellon Collection Educator for The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  Mr. Allison's topic was "Behind the Scenes and Upcoming Exhibits".

October's program featured Chris Semtner, Curator of the Edgar Allan Poe Museum who shared his knowledge of Poe.

November's program introduced Mary Miley Theobald, an author, historian and teacher who discussed myths from the Colonial period in America and beyond.

December's luncheon, held at The Jefferson Hotel, included entertainment, a silent auction and a raffle.

January's program introduced Stephen Smith, Music Director of the Richmond Symphony who presented information about the Symphony. Ludi Webber, President of the Orchestra League presented information about the Richmond Symphony Orchestra League. The Richmond Symphony Woodwind Quartet provided a wonderful concert of classical music.

The Barksdale Bifocal Players  presented short plays and dances at our February luncheon.  Bifocals is part of the Virginia Repertory Theater which includes Barksdale and Theater IV, both of which are Richmond Theater Companies with a long local  presence.

The March Friendship Brunch allowed new and old members time to get to know each other. Many fun activities were enjoyed by all and new friendships were formed.

April's luncheon featured the "Step Into Spring" fashion show.  Fashion and accessories were provided by Chico's.  The lovely models were members of The New Virginians.

David Pippin shared his expertise in flower arranging at the May luncheon.  David's name is well known in the flower design/horticultural world.  He shared design secrets and created arrangements that lucky members received as door prizes at the end of the program.

The June program featured the installation of the officers for the 2014-2015 year.  A gift presentation was made to The Virginia Home.