Food, Foodies, and F-U-N


3rd Friday –Hors d’Oeuvres and Delights: 3rd Friday @ 7pm

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Friday evening, the chance to end your week on a super positive note with great new friends.   This evening is not just for members - but spouses and partners of members, as well.  The locations vary as our members serve as hosts to this BYO event.  Pack up your favorite beverage and an hors d'oeuvre or delight platter to share.  Come along and make new friends.  FOOD REQUEST:  Please let us know if your sharable contains: wheat, shellfish, nuts or any other allergen, so everyone has a fun evening sharing.


Cooking Light Dinner Club: 1st @ 6:30 pm

Meeting on the first Saturday each month (**but at anew time of 6:30 PM) This evening event, open to members and their spouses, is all about great, but healthy food! Guests bring healthy/healthier/lighter fare food to share. Please try to note or tag your dish if your food meets any of these allergens: shellfish, nuts, wheat/gluten or is of the vegan or vegetarian persuasion. Guests bring their favorite beverage of choice. The combination of food and fellowship makes for a delightful evening. There is no fee per se for the evening. The size of the event is limited to the comfort of the hostess. Locations change monthly as members graciously open their homes to entertain us each month.

From Scratch: 3rd Friday Quarterly

A small group of foodies who love to prepare and eat amazing food. We meet quarterly the 3rd Friday of the month from 12-2 in a home and try/test new things. We have lunch from the food we make. The modest fee covers the food we use and eat. Come cook with us! Look for our next adventure into the land of creation in an upcoming edition of the Welcome Mat Newsletter.



Pot Luck Dinner: 2nd Saturday @ 6:30 pm

The Pot Luck Dinner Group features a shared sit-down dinner in the home of a member. It is open to both couples and singles. Attendees are assigned a dish category by the hostess to serve the expected number of attending participants. In addition to opening her home, the hostess will provide non-alcoholic beverages. It is important to phone your RSVP to the hostess the week the newsletter comes out to assure ample time for allocation of menu categories and number of attending guests.

Tea Timers: 3rd Thursday

Tea Timers.png

Join us for tea as we discover hidden treasures and try new menus and old favorites. The smaller group lets you have good conversation with good food. Ride sharing is often available. FEE: will vary by location and menu.

 The Lunch Bunch:1st Friday@11:30

Our group meets for lunch at various fun/funky/fancy restaurants – sometimes downtown, sometimes near where you live and sometimes out in the countryside.  We have a good mix of ethnic and eclectic restaurants this season.  Join us for a tour of various eating establishments!


What's for Lunch?  1st Tuesday @ 11:30 am

With a focus on friendship, fun and of course FOOD, each month the group meets at a different member’s home for a potluck lunch. We always have a different theme, delicious food and a wonderful time. On an occasion, we have been known to deviate slightly with a cookie exchange or a lunch out option.