For Adventure, Discussion and Action

Antiques & Junking: Meets Quarterly

Antiques & Junking concentrates on all aspects of antiques, and collecting. This fun, non-serious group will focus on downsizing our homes, living with collectables, thrift stores, antique shops and turning old treasures into new ones. Finding fun places to go “Junking”, Retro-looking and, Repurposing is our focus!



Art Viewing & Doing: 4th Thursday @ 10:00 am

We are a group who enjoy viewing art as well as “doing” art. We visit local galleries or museums. Artists, crafters and people with special skills lead us in a “doing” activity while we have fun learning a new skill. You do not need to be an artist to participate in the “doing” activities of our group. We usually have lunch after our viewing/doing.

A Walk in the Park: 1st Monday @ 11AM

walk in par.png

Wear comfortable shoes and join us as we walk in various parks or other pleasant venues in or around Richmond. After about a 90-minute walk, enjoy lunch with us at a nearby restaurant (lunch optional). We meet on the 1st Monday of the month at 10:00 am, except in January when we meet on the 2nd Monday. Check the Welcome Mat Newsletter for details on where we'll be walking each month. We hope you can join us!!


Avid Readers: 2nd Tuesday @ 11:00 am


Do you love sharing memorable books--those interesting and exciting gems you’ve happened upon? Our group delights in discussing a variety of genres--including novels, non-fiction, short stories, biographies, humor, mystery and adventure. Meetings are in members' homes. Books are chosen directly from members' suggestions before the new season begins. Discussions and luncheon are at a local restaurant. 

Busy Hands: 2nd Monday @ 10:30 am-12:30pm

Channel your inner craftiness with Busy Hands, a needlework and crafts group. We knit, crochet, quill, bead, cross stitch, needlepoint, etc. Members work independently on their own projects while enjoying the company of others. Location details will be posted in The Welcome Mat.


Community Service: Meetings/Initiatives Posted in the Welcome Mat

community service.png

Participate in 100% project focused and project driven community service initiatives that benefit local community organizations. This group encourages volunteers to partake in hands-on active involvement specifically geared toward helping the immediate and variable needs of our communities. As needs arise, we can help to answer the call. We have participated in initiatives like Feed More, assisting those in our community who have experienced extreme loss, and are open to helping those in our community that need assistance for projects that require community manpower. If you wish to help with the gift of your time and talent, please contact Marilyn Blake. (This group does not raise philanthropic funds or cash donations.)

Day Trippers: 3rd Tuesday, times and departures vary

Head out for a day of adventure, fun and meet new people! This group will take day trips and travel by car to interesting and educational locations around the Richmond and Virginia area.  Details of each trip will be announced in The Welcome Mat. Reservations will be made on a space available basis and will not be firm until the chair receives a check made out to the New Virginians. Cancellations made within five days prior to the trip cannot be refunded. No trips will be planned during July or August.

Travel Passion: 3rd Monday of Alternating Months @1:30

Do you crave the invigorating feeling from cultural and learning experiences all over the world? Do you love viewing beautiful scenery, wonders of nature, art, architecture, and historical sites from hundreds of years ago? Meeting with this group provides a chance to share extraordinary travel experiences with each other. Through guest speakers learn about various modes of travel, destinations in USA and abroad, tour companies, sources of information, packing advice and more. Looking for a travel companion, maybe someone with interest in a particular destination? —you may find her in this group


Novel Women: 3rd Wednesday @ 10:00 am

Novel Women.png

Our book discussion group is composed of women who love to read and discuss worthwhile literature. We meet each month from September to June and discuss a book that has been voted on by our members and announced in our monthly Welcome Mat Newsletter. The discussion is facilitated by one (or two) of the women who provide a biographical sketch of the author and relevant questions to enhance our appreciation of the book. After a lively discussion, take the opportunity to extend with an optional lunch. We meet in a variety of places, including area libraries, restaurants, country clubs and members' homes. 

Paddle Yakkers: 3rd Wednesday @ 10:00am

Kayak icon.jpg

THINK BLUE! – blue water and blue skies! Our group meets spring through fall, on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, usually from 10 to 12 (with a self-pack picnic lunch to follow). When the weather and water are temperate, we paddle. The purpose of our group is to experience kayaking and variety in nature throughout Central Virginia (within an hour’s drive of Richmond, Lake Anna to Smithfield). We use six loaner kayaks available on a first come first call basis, Members attending can usually arrange through the group to car pool to the destinations. Our guidelines include: smooth water, safety above all else, and a choice in variety of lakes and rivers. Fees: Vary by location to include nominal parking fee, launching fee, park entrance fees, etc. Some locations offer rentals allowing our group to be larger for that venue. Details are provided in our monthly Welcome Mat Newsletter.


Thursday at the Movies : 1st Thursday @ 11:30 am  

Take in a movie with us. We venture to different restaurants and movie theaters in the Richmond area to share lunch, conversation and view a movie. Check our monthly Welcome Mat Newsletter for details.