Dear Current and Prospective Members,

It is great excitement (and a little trepidation) that I assume the role as your new president. I am deeply grateful to be able to “give back” to this club that has given me so much in the form of lasting friendships, one of a kind experiences, and a lot of laughter. As many of our members have experienced, I was brand spanking new to Virginia and did not know a soul. The New Virginians was a god send where from the start I was warmly and graciously accepted by new and old members alike.

This coming year should be no different, as we continue the tradition of welcoming friendship. Our incoming Board is a particularly strong one, who’s enthusiasm is infectious. We will continue to offer a plethora of Interest Groups to suit everyone’s taste and are adding new ones in the fall, including the ever popular Wanderers group

May your summer be a fruitful, relaxing and fun one.